About Us

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Our Vision

ShopShop.sg understands that online shoppers experience a lot of friction and that friction causes fear in customers like you from buying from unknown online vendors.

The biggest friction is the fear of being deceived, such as paying money but not receiving anything, or the thing you receive is not the same as what you see on the internet.

That said, we built ShopShop.sg a shopping platform with BRAND TRUST as the most important factors.

History of Beginning

Founded On April 12th 2020, an EASTER – SUNDAY and right in the middle of the Corona Virus i.e. COVID-19 crisis in Singapore where the country is on lock-down (our government called it Circuit Breaker).

As part of The Extreme Group International team, we decided to set a shopping platform where we qualify the products sold personally by ourselves before having it on the shelves for Safe Of Purchase to our buying customers.

Disappointing our valued customers with the wrong item shipped or worst, no shipment received after payment and days of waiting which is totally NOT ACCEPTABLE with ShopShop.sg

Having this in mind, we have put in stringent suppliers and vendors qualifying terms with quality goods and delivery fulfilment claused in place to keep all our customers safe from purchase from ShopShop.sg with moneyback guarantee in the event of failure of shipments or the wrong items received.

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